Hereinafter you will learn something about our services. The spell is "fulfilment"

- DSM /DMM master cut
- Studio mastering
- Full plating process
- Pressing (7", 10", 11", 12", picture Vinyl, coloured Vinyl, hybrid Vinyl)
- Packaging + dispatch
- Free storage
- Production of printing matters
- Graphics and design
- Sampling orders (DJs evaluate your vinyls)

All production steps can be provided within very short times!

time for manufacturing + lead time*:

- test pressings within 2-3 working days
- production without printed matter approx 4 working days
- production with printed matter approx 6/7 working days
- time for shipment is depending on the destination; mostly 1-2 working days

* this are just typical values, the exact lead times will be arranged with the customer and depends on the current capacity