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Online data transfer

The electronic data delivery takes place via SFTP. You can request access from our vinyl team, stating the title, artist and catalog number. Access is initially open for 5 days, but can be reactivated at any time by the customer advisor.

Instructions for connecting to our SFTP server can be found here:

Alternatively, it is possible to transfer the data via WeTransfer.

Please send a separate file for each track that should be separated by a pause groove. Numbering begins with the letter of the page (A-Z, no AA or AAA), followed by the two-digit number for the page's track number:

Optional information about the title can follow.

The filled track listing must be available before the master cut.

When individual audio tracks are delivered, acoustic 2-second pauses are automatically inserted.


We accept cue wave images for each side of a record. The cue wave image consists of two files: the cue file (*.cue) and an associated wav file (*.wav). When creating the image, make sure that the sampling rate is up to 192 kHz and a resolution of up to 24 bits.

The pauses of cue images are taken over 1:1 from the image. A visual marker is created on the vinyl with each track transition. It is thus also possible to create optical title separations without an acoustic pause.

It is best to upload the cue and wav file to our server in a RAR or ZIP archive via SFTP to ensure completeness!

Audio formats

We accept the uncompressed audio formats wav, aif and aiff with a sampling rate of
192 kHz / 24 bit. We also process cue images with preset pause settings.

Optical pauses

A track change is always displayed visually on the record - regardless of a specified pause.
If you do not want any acoustic breaks between the tracks, please note this when ordering.
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